“Amy is one of the most reliable and mature designers I have ever worked with.
I was extremely happy with her work ethic, the quality of her work and her no-drama style. She is our first choice for freelance help!”
Amy Kenreich, Owner, Studio Pattern
“Amy was a pleasure to work with. Her expertise in design made Amy an impactful member of our marketing team. Everything Amy produced was top-quality and always turned quickly. I would highly recommend Amy to any team looking for an experienced, talented, and professional design expert who can elevate their game.”
—Kenneth Tandy, Digital Marketer, Canvas Credit Union
“Studio Pattern hired Amy to do production and design work on a contract basis for several months. We found her to be very good at working within our established client brands, and appreciated her openness to trying new things, positive attitude, and drive to find efficiencies. She is excellent at prepress and production. I hope to work with her again soon!”
—BRITTANY HASS, Founder, Paperglee
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